French Fries


Pasta Salad

$3.59 / 4.69

Choose either rotini (vinaigrette) or Pasta (Mayonnaise)

Potato Salad


Cole Slaw


Fresh Fruit


Mixed seasonal fresh fruit

Potato Chips


Side Salad


Mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, pepperoncini and croutons with choice of a dressing

Side Greek Salad


Mixed Greens with calamata olives, pepperoncini, beets, feta cheese and tomato with greek dressing

Side of Chicken Salad


Portion of chicken salad only

Side order of Tuna Salad


Side Order of Egg Salad


Side of Pimento Cheese


Side of Grilled Chicken for Salad


An order of chopped, grilled chicken

Side of Calamata Olives


Side of Shredded Cheese


Side of Feta Cheese


Extra Side of dressing 5.5 ounce


Boiled Egg


Add cheese to a sandwich


Grill a cold sandwich


Add Bacon


Extra side deli meat